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Need Orienteering TFC Sign-Off and Orienteering Merit Badge

Posted on Sep 19 2014 - 8:47pm

Scouts, do you need the Orienteering TFC sign-off or want to earn the Orientation merit badge? Please check the North Texas Orienteering Association's website (ntoa.org) for the monthly orienteering meeting.   Here is a blurb from their website:


Orienteering Merit Badge

A merit badge briefing will take place 30 minutes before the beginner’s clinic at the monthly meets of the North Texas Orienteering Association (NTOA). For 2 day meets the briefing will be on day 1 only. Scouts should check thehttp://www.ntoa.com latest information on meet schedule.

Troops must provide their own 2-deep leadership or parents should accompany Scouts to the meets. NTOA will provide instruction and courses to complete the merit badge requirements. The merit badge requires participation in 3 orienteering courses and working as an official at one meet. Generally Scouts can complete one course per meet day.

Note to Scoutmasters: The courses will satisfy the 1st Class orienteering requirement if you add the measuring of the height and width of objects (flag pole, tree, creek, etc.). That instruction is not provided.

Scouts should arrive at least 30 minutes before the first beginner’s clinic for the merit badge briefing. Scouts should wear clothes suitable for bushwhacking through the forest. Running shoes or boots are OK. Long pants or jeans, gaiters, or tall socks would be good. Bring suitable outdoor gear for the weather conditions (jacket, poncho or rain suit, gloves, hat, etc.). Orienteering meets are held even if raining. Also compass, watch, canteen or water bottle, and whistle (loaners available). Many bring a sack lunch for after they run. Awards are given after the competition.

You can pre-register on the website before the meet. If you pre-register you will get a pre-printed map of your course. If you don’t pre-register you may have to draw your course on a blank map before you start.

If you have any questions, contact merit badge counselor, Ralph Courtney or phone 903-814-0232.

Merit Badge Counselor Training on Monday, September 22nd

Posted on Sep 18 2014 - 10:01pm

Parents, if you've signed up to be a Merit Badge Counselor for the Troop, or if you are THINKING about becoming a Merit Badge Counselor, please attend Monday's parent meeting at 7 pm.  We'll have a training class to show you how easy it is to sign up to be a registered Merit Badge Counselor and how to use the famous Blue Cards.  

Advancement Night next Monday Night - Communications Merit Badge and TFC Requirements on Monday, September 22

Posted on Sep 18 2014 - 10:01pm

Scouts, we will be offering the Eagle required merit badge, Communications, on Monday night immediately after Gilwell in the Eagle conference room (at the rear and right side of the Great Hall).   I'm attaching the Communications merit badge worksheet to this announcement.  The Communications merit badge booklet may be borrowed from the Troop's library or purchased at Circle Ten's scout shop on Harry Hines or the National Scouting Museum in Irving.  BE PREPARED - as with all merit badges, please complete the worksheet in your own handwriting before the class (with the exception of any "show", "demonstrate" or "discuss with your counselor" items), and bring your worksheet along with a pencil or pen to the merit badge class.  This class will be the first of two meetings to finish the badge and will require work and items outside of class to finish.  BE COURTEOUS - if  your schedule doesn't permit you to complete most of the worksheet before class, you can work on it another time when you're prepared.  FOR TFC SCOUTS, we will have a TFC advancement class during the merit badge class.  As a reminder, when you have a choice between getting TFC sign-offs and working on a merit badge, we recommend working on obtaining the TFC sign-offs.  If you want to sign-up for the Communications merit badge, please register using the Event Registration feature on the right side of this website.

Scouts - Show your Scout Books to our Advancement Coordinator, Mrs. McCutchan

Posted on Sep 18 2014 - 10:01pm

Scouts, did you just successfully finish a Board of Review?   Or get some additional sign-offs at a camp out?  Please remember that WE WON'T KNOW about your new rank or your new sign-offs UNLESS you show your scout book to our Advancement Coordinator, Mrs. McCutchan.  Thanks!

Scouts - You need service hours and we need help! Please help staff CubAPalooza on Saturday, October 4th

Posted on Sep 18 2014 - 10:00pm

Scouts -- you need service hours and we need help! 

We need volunteers (both Scouts and Adults) to help staff Cub-A-Palooza on Saturday, October 4th – for a few hours (come when you can), all day, or even overnight (earn a night of camping credit!).  Cub-A-Palooza is a family friendly event at Camp Wisdom' Cub World in Dallas. 

Included in the $15 fee for a cub scout is a T-shirt, patch and lunch.  Adults/siblings/staff is only $5 pp for lunch.

Plan on a fun filled day where the boys/kids will get wet (this is pretty much guaranteed).  Archery, BB GUNS, caves, and pirate ships will be staffed and open. (We could use a boy scout patrol/troop to help staff one of these activity centers - like caves or pirate ships). Cubs will print their own T-shirt plus there is a special water activity. After dinner (on your own), there will be the awesome carnival. Again, any parent can staff a booth (old fashioned game). Whatever they would like to do. 

We’re also looking for face painters and anyone who can make animals out of balloons (bring your own supplies). Our budget doesn't allow us to 'hire' a professional as we are keeping price point down to encourage family participation from all our district packs. If you have any ideas, we are open to suggestions. In the end, it is the adults that make this event come alive for the youth. Registration is up and running on the district website:www.blacklandprairie.info

Attached is the flyer for the event with additional details. 

New Advancement Coordinator

Posted on Sep 18 2014 - 10:00pm

Troop, we have a new Advancement Coordinator - Kim McCutchan.   Kim, thank you for volunteering!  We also set up a new email address that you should use when you email the Advancement Coordinator - troop730advancement@gmail.com.   That email address will save the relevant advancement niformation and will be passed on to the next advancement coordinator. Hint: if you ever forget the address, you can (1) look back at this announcement, (2) look under the "Advancement info" tab on the left side of this website, or (3) look at the Troop Roster's list of Adult Leaders for the Advancement Coordinator's email address.    Thank you to Robin Martin who served as Assistant Advancement Coordinator and Advancement Coordinator for almost three years!  

Update: Scouts, if you sent an email to Mrs. McCutchan's personal email address in the last 2 weeks (rather than "troop730advancement@gmail.com"), please confirm that your records reflect the advancement item. Mrs. McCutchan's email was hacked and she no longer has access to her former personal email address. You can check your records by following the instructions in the "Advancement Info" tab on the left side of this website.  If your item isn't reflected on your records, please email it to troop730advancement@gmail.com.  Thanks.

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