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TFC Physical Fitness Test

Posted on Oct 30 2014 - 10:18pm

Scouts, one of the largest hurdles in reaching Tenderfoot is satisfying the Physical Fitness test.  You must complete a first Physical Fitness test, work on your fitness for approximately 30 days and take another test at the end of the 30 day period.  Our first Physical Fitness test will be THIS MONDAY at 6:15 pm and will be led by ASM Avila.   The second test will be held in early December.  If you want to reach Tenderfoot this Fall, please join ASM Avila promptly at 6:15 pm.  Please wear comfortable running shoes.  Parents, we need some additional volunteers to help timing the 1/4 mile lap and some of the push up, pull up and sit up tests.   We will meet in the Commons (the large hallway outside the Great Hall) near the far doors next to the track.  Please be on time so we can finish on time before Gilwell at 7 pm.   Thanks!

Monday, November 3rd is an Advancement Night - Emergency Preparedness, Stamp Collecting and TFC Requirements

Posted on Oct 29 2014 - 8:28pm

Scouts, next Monday is an advancement night.   Chris Gilker will begin the Eagle required merit badge Emergency Preparedness and Scott Barber will begin the non-Eagle required merit badge Stamp Collecting.  If you want to participate in either of the merit badges, please register using the Event Registration feature on the right side of this website.  TFC Scouts: we will be covering Tenderfoot requirement 12b (show first aid), Second Class 7a ("hurry" cases), Second Class 7c (demonstrate first aid), and First Class 7b (demonstrate bandages).  As always, you can also self-study 1 or 2 TFC requirements and ask an ASM or Troop Instructor to sign off on the requirements in your scout book.

Want to Earn your Archery Merit Badge??

Posted on Oct 29 2014 - 3:53pm

UPDATE:  I've attached to this announcement the map to the archery center and the required waiver form that must be completed and signed for each Scout attending.  The announcement has also been updated.  

 Troop 730 Archery Merit Badge Class At Texas Archery Academy, Walnut Hill

 When:  SUNDAY Afternoon Nov. 9, 2014 at 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.   

Troop provides two-deep leadership.  Parents may drop off, but should not leave until troop leaders have arrived and a liability waiver is signed. Parents should plan to return about 20 to 30 minutes before the scheduled end of the class. Scouts needing arrive late or leave early must coordinate with Troop leaders.  Arriving more than 15 minutes late or leaving more than 1 hour early may require repeating the full class. Sign-up using the Event Registration feature on the right side of this website.  More information is below. 

"Be Prepared" for a Merit Badge Class - What does that mean?

Posted on Oct 29 2014 - 3:50pm

Scouts, when you sign-up for a Merit Badge class being led by an adult volunteer, please make sure that you are fully prepared for the merit badge class - here's how:  1.  obtain a blue card from Mr. Pigg, 2.  purchase or borrow the merit badge book and read it before the class, 3.  print the merit badge worksheet from the website (www.scouting.org) and complete all of the worksheet other than the few items that say "show", "demonstrate" or "discuss with your counselor" (virtually the entire worksheet should be completed), 4.  bring your completed worksheet, blue card, book and a writing utinsel to the class.   Remember that our merit badge counselors are volunteering their precious time and it is imperative that all scouts be fully prepared for the class.  If you sign-up for a merit badge class, please make sure to show up for the class.  If you are not prepared, just let the counselor know in advance that you cannot attend the class.   If you're prepared, you and your fellow classmates will get much more from the class.   The troop leaders and our merit badge counselor volunteers thank you!

Tips and Tricks for New Scouts

Posted on Oct 29 2014 - 3:48pm

Scouts, want to advance more quickly?  Here are some easy tips and tricks for you!    1.  Always bring your Boy Scout Book to Scouting events.   You can't get a sign-off unless you've got your book wth you.  2.  Deliver your advancement information on a regular basis to the Troop's Advancement Coordinator (currently, Mrs. McCutchan) for entry into the Troop's computer.  That means your Boy Scout book, merit badge blue cards, rank advancements (after every Board of Review!) and service hours forms.  If we don't get it entered into the computer, you won't receive the advancement credit that you deserve.  3.  For TFC scouts, make sure to have a plan to obtain 2 to 4 sign-offs before each scout event.   If you plan ahead, advancing through the TFC program will be a breeze.  4.  Attend as many camp outs as you can.   You'll earn your 20 nights of required camping credit for your camping merit badge, and advance through the program much more quickly.  Plus, you'll have a great time!

Lost and Found - Merit Badge Sash with 25 Merit Badges

Posted on Oct 29 2014 - 1:32pm

Scouts, if you lost your merit badge sash with 25 merit badges, please email Mrs. Buckenham.  The patches are glued on rather than stitched on if that helps.  A photo of the sash is attached.  We can match the scout with the badges earned on the computer once the scout identifies himself. Thank you.

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