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No meeting on Labor Day

Posted on Sep 2 2015 - 2:54pm

Troop, there is no meeting on Labor Day.  Enjoy your long weekend holiday.

Troop Dues Payment Deadline - September 14, 2015

Posted on Sep 1 2015 - 8:47am

Troop Parents, the dues for the 2014-2015 year are due by Monday, September 14th.  Please make your check in the amount of $150 payable to "Troop 730" , please write in your scout's name on the memo line, and mail the check to our Troop's treasurer, Dotti Singhal, 14678 Winnwood Road, Dallas, TX 75254.  IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY PAID, PLEASE MAIL YOUR CHECK TO DOTTI'S HOME ADDRESS TO ARRIVE ON OR BEFORE SEPTEMBER 14TH or deliver it to her at the meeting on Monday, September 14th.    Please note that if your son is an Eagle Scout, no dues are owed.   We don't want any boys to avoid participating in our Troop because of monetary concerns.  If your family cannot afford the dues, please discuss the matter in total confidence with the Troop's Scoutmaster (Carl Pigg) or the Troop Committee Chairman (Paul Martin).  

Added Bonus: we have a policy in our troop of waiving the annual dues payment if you obtain a commercial drivers license and drive the bus for the Troop - please let us know if you're interested - we always need more bus drivers!  For more information on becoming on a bus driver, please see the tab on the left entitled "Become a Bus Driver!"

Adult Leader Training Dates Announced for Blackland Prairie District

Posted on Sep 1 2015 - 8:46am

Blackland Prairie (our local district - covering the areas in DISD north of NW Highway and west of Central Expressway) has announced its Fall training sessions.   September 15th, 22nd and 29th at a very convenient location - St. Monicas Catholic Church at the SW corner of Walnut Hill and Midway. To sign up officially, please email the adult training leader, Theresa K. at jtdolan4@aol.com.

For informational purposes only, please also sign-up on our website so we know which adults will be attending the classes.  We strongly encourage our adult volunteers to attend and become fully trained adult leaders.  The outdoor leadership class will be held on the weekend of October 23-25th - perfect weather for a campout and training session.  Upon completion of the 3 classroom training sessions and the outdoor leadership skills camp, you will be entitled to wear the official "trained" badge!

Adults, Time to Sign-Up to be a Merit Badge Counselor!

Posted on Aug 31 2015 - 8:40pm

Parents, we need YOU to sign up to become a Merit Badge Counselor.   We welcome whatever badges that you want to sign-up for - we always need multiple Merit Badge Counselors for all of the badges, particularly the Eagle Required merit badges.   Listed below are the badges and the Eagle required are highlighted in bold text.  Help our Troop's scouts by signing up for one or more badges.   ALSO, please let us know if you want to teach a class during one of our advancement meetings OR simply be "on call" in the event that a scout is interested in earning the badge.  If you're willing to sign-up, please complete the attached 1 page form and email it to webmaster@dallas730.mytroop.us.  Thanks!

Troop 730 2015 Popcorn Sale is here! Rev up your engines!

Posted on Aug 30 2015 - 8:11am

Last year we sold over $13,000 and 197 cases in popcorn.  We earned commission on those sales of over $3,000 to apply to various activities such as our campouts.  Our troop subsidizes all campouts so replacing equipment, reimbursing the bus driver, passes to the State Park, campsite fees and more are paid by our popcorn sale commissions. Plus, every scout who sells the minimum will get a significant credit toward summer camp costs (the credit the last several years has been $50.00).

Let's get started! 

 · NOW:   Right now you can start selling online using your Trails-End popcorn account. http://www.trails-end.com/  . Did you receive an email to validate your accounts? Go for it and sell popcorn!

  • · September 2:   Start selling!  However, you'll have to pick up your packets which includes FILL UP sheets and product information from Laurie Darlak's house located at 6219 Palo Pinto Ave. Dallas, TX 75214 (since we don't have a meeting on Labor Day).
  • · September 14: Troop Meeting - Popcorn Kick off meeting.  If you haven't picked up your packet then make sure come to this meeting and get all the info!
  • · October 12: Troop meeting.  Turn in your packet! Yes, you only have one month if you start on September 12.  

 GOAL:  Each member of Troop 730 should try to sell $175 worth of popcorn.  You can do it!  If you complete a FILL UP sheet you can put your name into a drawing for a GO PRO - Super Fun!  You can find details on how to submit your Fill Up sheet and name at http://www.trails-end.com/ .

 If you have questions please reach out to us ,your Popcorn Kernels, Laurie Darlak (ldarlak@earthlink.net ) or Jennifer Birdwell (jenniferbirdwell.us@gmail.com).  Thank you!

First Scout Meeting of the School Year is on Monday, August 31st at 7:00 pm

Posted on Aug 24 2015 - 1:39pm

Location Update: Troop, our first meeting of the year is on Monday, August 31st at 7 pm in Room 104 in Nearburg Hall at St. Mark's.  See you then!

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